Where to celebrate holi 2019 in India

Known to the entire world as the country of festivals, India is the country where each citizen celebrate joy and happiness, color and light, culture and freedom and more. One such is Holi, where irrelevant of class, religion, race we celebrate hues of diversity and joy. Some of the best places for exchanging holi wishes for 2019 in India are:


  • Goa:

Holi festival in Goa is called as Shigmostav. It is celebrated in a way that people go and pray to the village gods and goddess. Even the local troupes show their joy and excitement by performing their cultural dance and dramas. The festival is celebrated for five days, and the beaches are covered with colors of the foreigners from all over the color getting colored in the Indian festival. If you are searching for the Holi messages to send your husband, then take a look at the blog here 



  • Shantiniketan:

It is a place in West Bengal. All the students celebrate the festival differently from how it is marked in the country. All the students dress up in yellow color and present various folk dances. The celebrations start on a vast and large scale a day before in Shantiniketan.

  • Mathura:

According to the legends, the earliest tradition and custom of playing colors on occasion originated from the Leela of Radha and Krishna. Mathura holds a renowned, and a particular spot for this Leela and hence the tradition of Holi is upcast beautifully in this small place. The place is all colorful from a week before the festival of Holi. There are substantial snacks and drinks to offer, and the entire town gathers to play the festival. There are musical processions which take place from the temples to the river and ending at the Holi gate.

  • Mumbai:

Holi is celebrated at a large scale in the fast-paced city of Maharashtra. There are large parties arranged, and the streets are filled with colors. All the male members’ line up to break the pot filled with buttermilk and the one who can be named the Holi king for that year. The students at the school are given a holiday for about a week or more.


The holi wishes for 2019 will be the best with your loved ones and even better when you celebrate at the right place. So this Holi goes to the right spot to celebrate it.

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